In five days of urban walks with a rolling ping-pong table, nearly twenty sites (parking lots, institutional urban plaza,roads and highways, residual spaces, etc.) were experimented and archived in a downtown territory of about three square kilometres.

Throughout the exploration process, sound and video recordings were taken during expeditions and play situations involving the ping-pong table. At the end of the drift, the table was installed for two months at the artist center AXENÉO7 ( Hull-Gatineau) in a room visible to the street: there the accumulated audiovisual data was transferred into a media installation. The table was set-up for continuous play action in a gallery space, with two videomonitors on its opposite ends showing the expedition process and various play stations in the urban context. Soundscapes also originated from three different sources (speakers attached under the table, headphones, video monitors). The speakers played intermittent table sounds (mobile and game situations), and headphone sets were placed for listening to ambient recordings of urban interactions.

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